Why you should work with a Realtor® when looking at new homes?

Before visiting a new community sales center, you should know:

  • New community's salespersons represent the builder not you.
  • New communities salespersons know their product, but not necessary competitor's products.
  • New communities salespersons have the intention of pushing you to add optional equipment or materials, maybe not in the best interest of a future resale.
  • New community salespersons are interested in the sale of one of their builder's product; they will not provide any advice to you if you decide to put the property on the market in the future.

That's why you should be represented by a Realtor® as a Buyer's Agent before going to a new community sales center or to a builder:

  • Your Realtor® is paid by the builder not you!
  • Your Realtor® knows not only all new communities but also the resale market, He/She can advise you on which upgrades could potentially add value to the home when it comes time to re-sell.
  • Assisted by a Realtor, you have more power on the builder or developer at the negotiating table.
  • As Realtor®, we have the duties to deal honestly and fairly with you, loyalty, confidentiality, obedience and full disclosure at no cost to you!
  • As Realtor®, our relation with our customers doesn't stop after the sale. We will continue to follow-up with you and will be ready to bring our professional advices if you need or want to re-sell the property.

Let us be your Realtor® to represent you before having a look at new constructions.
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